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Tired of giving power away?
Follow these playful prompts designed to supercharge your busy life.

A Win Is a Win: How to
Supercharge Your To-Do List

The dreaded taskmaster, my To-Do List sits on my writing desk looking innocent. Acting as both friend and enemy, a productivity list is an external hard drive for all the tasks keeping this motherboard focused on her top priorities.

The Power of Affirmations

Affirmations are not created equal. Some will light you up; others will lie in your mouth like word taxidermy. The words you use to describe yourself are the #1 factor enhancing or limiting your personal power. Your health, genetics, environment, family, and education have a say in building confidence and resiliency.


Power for Busy People is an online community of driven, passionate mothers, fathers, friends, siblings, and dreamers—essentially, people who are tired of being tired, giving away their power, and settling for less than satisfying life.

Our mission is simple. We do the work, move faster than our doubts, and tap into the inner child demanding we take risks, have fun, and look at the world with wonder. This work includes monitoring self-talk, learning to communicate our successes and failures, and empowering ourselves through challenges. It's serious play for playfully serious results.


The sign on the door says, “All roads lead to power.”

For many, most roads lead to a sense of helplessness. We’re fueled by an undercurrent of panic as time slips between our fingers. Staring into a sleepless night, we’re overwhelmed with the inevitable questions: What am I doing? What is my life worth? What’s within my power to control?

In all sections of life from relationships to money, health to spirituality, we live by giving and taking power in the form of thoughts, actions, and stories. Power is such an important topic, but rarely are we asked, “What does power mean to you?”

When I ask myself this question, the answer is too big to comprehend. It has to be chopped up, broken down, and reassembled into bite-sized nuggets.

My endeavor is to ask the questions and listen to the answers. Some arrived via breathing techniques, or via my daughter, or via my man, or via rescue dogs. Others showed up in chance meetings with strangers and the opportunity to serve a belief bigger than myself. They’re beautiful moments of grace, but unless they are shared, the effects dwindle and wither as if every pain we’ve suffered, every trauma we’ve endured, was in vain.

Our lives are not a play in vanity. Our stories are not meaningless. We can change the way we see the world and the way the world sees us. New pathways appear when one asks, “What does power mean to me?” And you guessed it. All roads lead to power.